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Cmere Deer Attractant

About Us

Founded in 2004, C'Mere Deer was established to give serious hunters products that give them a sporting chance at harvesting America's most popular big game animal. Thus C'Mere Deer was created with the goal of developing premium deer attractants unlike anything else on the market. The formulation for these unique and effective products was achieved by avid deer hunters in their on-going quest to find deer attractants that do not rely on estrus based mixtures or effective during just one portion of the deer season. Rather, the research led C'Mere Deer to a unique liquid attractant that utilizes botanicals synthesized from food sources craved by deer and other herbivores year-round.

After almost three years of rigorous, real-life field testing throughout all types of populated deer habitats in all types of weather and geographic conditions actually faced by deer hunters through the course of each season, the C'Mere Deer staff knew it had found THE most effective deer attractant that would blow the competition away. The name chosen for this formulation says it all - C'Mere Deer™. The first product offered by C'Mere Deer was a bottle of C'Mere Deer concentrate. In the beginning C'Mere Deer products were sold to feed and seed stores as well as local sporting good stores. After only a year in the business, C'Mere Deer made quite a splash in the industry. C'Mere Deer sales grew from state to state like a wild fire simply by word of mouth.

By 2004 C'Mere Deer was fortunate to catch the attention of outdoor legend Hank Parker. Hank was and always will be known as a great bass fisherman but for the people who know Hank, know very well that Hank is also a passionate hunter. Hank tried C'Mere Deer and was blown away by the results he got the very first time he used it. Immediately after that first field test, Hank become the national spokesperson for C'Mere Deer.

Today, C'Mere Deer has increased its number of product offerings. C'Mere Deer products come in sizes from 32-ounce spray bottles all the way up to our 3.7-gallon buckets of C'Mere Deer 3-Day Harvest Powder. Additional C'Mere Deer attractant offerings include 3-Day Harvest (2-gallon bucket); X-TREME Powder (1-gallon jug); Shake-N-Take (7-pound bag); Airborne Blaster (16-ounce pressurized can); C'Mere Deer Concentrate (1-quart bottle); C'Mere Deer Ready-To-Use Liquid (1-gallon jug); C'Mere Deer Corn Coat (4-ounce pouch) and Buck Gravy (40-ounce bottle).

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