Frequent Questions

Does C'Mere Deer really work?

Yes! Extensive research has gone into which plant and root extracts the deer prefer. The unique blend appeals to deer 365 days a year when applied to grains, fruits, nuts or any plant and green vegetation that serves as deer forage. That is what makes C'Mere Deer attractant so effective. No other attractant can make that claim. That's why we call it C'Mere Deer.

Can C'Mere Deer Corn Coat be used in a spinner plate feeder, or with the product make the corn stick together so that it will not drop out of the funnel?

Corn Coat will not make deer corn or wild game feeds stick together. The most common culprit is moisture of any kind from any source. Many of our pro staff members reported successful experiences last season using spinner plate feeders.

What is the best way to apply C'Mere Deer liquid deer attractant?

C'Mere Deer liquid deer attractant can be applied directly to the ground. For the most effective application, we recommend that you apply a thick coat of C'Mere Deer liquid on dead stumps and logs. Also, C'Mere Deer can be applied on plants, grasses, clovers, bushes, vines, acorns, briars, honeysuckle, corn, grains, protein pellets or powdered grain products.

Spray specific spots in food plots, on heavy vegetation, or on any surface in high traffic areas where you want to hold deer. Also, you can spray it on your clothing and blind to use as a cover scent.

What is the best way to apply C'Mere Deer powder deer attractant?

C'Mere Deer powder deer attractant was originally designed to pour over corn, grains and protein pellets in gravity or spin cast feeders. However, field studies have shown that C'Mere Deer powder deer attractant is an incredible product when used by itself. Simply pour it on the ground, stumps, and logs or around the base of trees. It also works great when tossed on surfaces that have been lightly sprayed with C'Mere Deer liquid deer attractant to make the powder stick to the surface such as corn, leafy plants and bushes, the bark of trees, heavy grass, etc.

Which works best - C'Mere Deer liquid, powder, or pelletized products?

All products work exceptionally well depending on your specific needs and application requirements. C'Mere Deer liquid works great as a stealthy attractant applied to decaying logs, stumps, trees, green vegetation, or around watering holes.

C'Mere Deer liquid is effective as a cover spray when applied to boots and clothing, or on bushes, grass, and tree limbs around your stand or blind. C'Mere Deer liquid can be used in some states where baiting is not legal since it's not a food but, can be applied to a natural food source where deer are feeding. Spray under nut and/or fruit producing trees and vines where deer are feeding to hold them longer.

NOTE: Read your state's game laws before using any deer attractant.

C'Mere Deer powder and pelletized products (C'Mere Deer 3-Day Harvest and C'Mere Deer Shake-N-Take), are very effective and can be used straight out of the container to attract and hold deer as a deer attractant. They also work great when mixed with corn or protein pellets in feeders. C'Mere Deer powder deer attractant or pelletized deer attractant products are great for locating and holding deer for trail camera photos and can be applied on almost any surface that does not contain heavy moisture.

What is the difference between C'Mere Deer Ready to Use and C'Mere Deer Concentrate?

C'Mere Deer Liquid comes in two forms of deer attractant: Concentrate and Ready To Use (RTU). The concentrate is broken down into quart ratios for mixing with NON-CHLORINATED WATER. Mix three parts non-chlorinated water to one part concentrate and you're in business. C'Mere Deer Ready to Use needs no mixing, it's ready to use just as it is!

How fast does C'Mere Deer work?

C'Mere Deer normally works very fast when instructions are followed. Often, results are seen the same day of application. However, deer are wild animals and results will vary due to many factors including application method and amount of product used. Deer population, feeding routes, and food sources available during a particular period of time or location of where the product is applied are also factors.

Use of trail cameras is always suggested to monitor results.

When is the best time to start applying C'Mere Deer to a hunting area?

We suggest applying C'Mere Deer in your area at least one week in advance of hunting if possible for optimal performance. One week will give the deer time to acclimate to C'Mere Deer. C'Mere Deer is a great year around attractant for treating any food source you desire deer to eat, but sometimes it takes deer a few days to become interested in most any food source introduced to a new area. Once deer taste C'Mere Deer attractant they'll come back for more!

Once again, use trail cameras to monitor results. The photos will reveal how long it took C'Mere Deer to attract deer. Also, the photos will reveal the sex, size, and age of the deer responding.

How often should C'Mere Deer be re-applied?

C'Mere Deer attractant should be re-applied as needed depending on the how much of it is being consumed. Feeding habits will vary due to population and available food sources. So, your applications will vary due to these conditions. C'Mere Deer team members monitor consumption using trail cameras that reveal time and date the product is consumed to know when to re-apply the products. If the deer are consuming the product faster than you want, try to scatter or broadcast the application to increase consumption time. During scouting season we typically apply product once every week to 10 days. When hunting, we suggest applying it daily. Apply as often as the deer consume the product to keep them coming back for more.

Can C'Mere Deer be used in a feeder?

Yes, C'Mere Deer powder and pelletized products (3-Day Harvest and Shake-N-Take) are designed to be used in gravity and spin cast feeders.

Can C'Mere Deer powder and pelletized products (3-Day Harvest) be used as a daily ration to feed pen-raised deer as their only food source?

No. Although C'Mere Deer powder and pelletized products (3-Day Harvest) have ideal levels of fat and protein content, there is not enough fiber in the products alone to fulfill the daily dietary needs of deer. C'Mere Deer powder deer attractant and pelletized deer attractant products (3-Day Harvest) can be used as a supplement or a mix with deer feed or protein pellets to increase consumption, provided there is enough fiber in their main food source.

Is it legal to use C'Mere Deer in my state?

C'Mere Deer is classified and manufactured as a DEER ATTRACTANT; making it unique in the hunting industry. However, some states' game laws may prohibit the use of an attractant. We encourage each individual to know their local and state game laws to determine if C'Mere Deer products are legal for use where he or she desires to hunt. Some states allow the use of C'Mere Deer liquid where baiting is not allowed since this liquid deer attractant is not considered a food source. If in doubt, you to contact your state and/or local wildlife or conservation department for clarification.

How is C'Mere Deer liquid concentrate best used and/or mixed?

C'Mere Deer concentrated liquid optimal mixture ratio is 3 parts NON-CHLORINATED WATER to 1 part C'Mere Deer Liquid Concentrate. Any clean water source may be used to mix with the concentrate, such as spring water, distilled water, well water, pond water, creek water, or whatever natural water source your deer are drinking from (avoid stagnated water). Use only clean containers or sprayers that have not been contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, etc. to mix, spray or apply C'Mere Deer liquids.

Do not use chlorinated water. The odor chlorine produces will give you less than favorable results.

Do I mix water with C'Mere Deer powder or pelletized products?

Absolutely NOT! Keep the powder deer attractant and pellets as dry as possible. Although the powder and pellets do withstand some moisture, it's best to avoid it by applying the C'Mere Deer powder or pellet products on application spots that do not have standing water. Seek higher elevation spots to apply if possible, such as humps, ridges, logs, stumps or flat ground, provided it offers drainage when it rains.

How do I know that deer are coming to C'Mere Deer once I apply it?

A trail or scouting camera is your best tool for observing deer activity without disturbing their natural feeding habits. Also, one can observe an increase in deer tracks, sightings and droppings.

Why should I use C'Mere Deer products?

C'Mere Deer products are field tested and proven to increase deer activity and sightings. C'Mere Deer will conquer deer's attention with its irresistible appeal. Once deer locate C'Mere Deer they keep coming back for more bringing more deer with them.

Deer are herd animals. With C'Mere Deer, the effects are building, increasing sightings and deer activity the longer it is used, often times bringing in deer from adjacent areas where the C'Mere Deer scent may drift.

Many bucks have been harvested during the rut cycle by C'Mere Deer's ability to draw does to the attractant thus brining in the bucks.

How do I know which C'Mere Deer product to use?

All C'Mere Deer products are proven to work. Determining which one to use in your region or geographical area can only be determined by field testing the products to see which work best in your particular set up. C'Mere Deer products have unique varieties of attractants and ingredients. Some products work better in certain geographical areas than others. In some areas, deer respond to all the products so well that it is almost impossible to apply one answer to every scenario. We suggest you try them all to help you make a proper decision.

Are other animals attracted to C'Mere Deer?

Yes. We've had numerous herbivores and omnivores (rudiment/cud chewing animals) respond to C'Mere Deer, but we do not have enough field data established to make claims of the results. We've had numerous accounts through customer feedback that elk,and stag type animals are attracted to C'Mere Deer. Even some African species! But we make no such claims since C'Mere Deer products are designed specifically for whitetails.

What is the shelf life of C'Mere Deer?

C'Mere Deer powder deer attractant and pellets have a shelf life of one year. C'Mere Deer liquid deer attractant products have a shelf life of two years.

Does C'Mere Deer ship products to Canada? accepts orders shipping to U.S. addresses only. We encourage our Canadian friends to please visit our retail partners Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's stores located in Canada, or visit them online to purchase our products.